Golden Palmier

Golden Palmier Ltd, an international trading company, focused runs the business in software, marketing and sales platforms, raw materials, and industrial food machines. Golden Palmier, thanks to its professional team and network of programmers, provides you with some customized solutions and applications regarding the marketing and sales progress.
Having our service along with daily client visit software would be a great help to develop your marketing network performance. You can simply check the daily sales process scale and control it as you should.

Golden Palmier can give you the best proposals whether you inquire about equipping your food and beverage production lines. Our company offers you various equipment operations in manufacturing and packing your F&B industry products, and you will have the full support of our company while installing them.
Besides, as Golden Palmier has years of experience working with many products and sub-products, it has spectacular knowledge of soft commodities. Golden Palmier has gained its noble popularity as a specialized trading and importer company of raw coffee, cocoa products, fruit juice concentrate, and fruit puree.

We try to supply the goods while considering international standards, employee ethics, and environmental issues, and our team can provide you with solutions to meet all your needs in terms of quality and cost optimization.
Cooperating with Golden Palmier brings a unique target market scale for a wide range of products from suppliers. We create a profitable business for our customers by aligning ourselves with their requirements and needs, using information systems and modern technologies, providing accurate reports and experience, and believing in the excellence of customer services.